For windows, facades & other large glass surfaces

sunbreaker-300-fixed-diagramTechnical Details

colour: RAL
electric drive: no
manual drive: no
maximum length of blade: 7.0 m *
maximum height:
external use: yes
internal use: no
the ability to change the angle of blades: yes (predefined)

* spacing between brackets: 4 m

Key Features

  • Construction made from extruded aluminium
  • Elliptic blades width of 300 mm
  • Group installation option
  • The ability to change the angle of blades from approx. 0° to 100°
  • Operated by linear motor
  • The blades bearings in the guides as well as the construction of the drive elements ensure noiseless operation of the system when blades are rotating
  • System is installed onto external supporting facade construction
  • Construction can be painted in any colour from RAL palette

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