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External Louvre Shading System - Fixed or Movable

The Sunbreaker system by SELT is a highly efficient louvre shading system designed for exterior use, which can also serve as a decorative part of the building. The blades and guide rails are made of thin-walled extruded aluminium, which makes the whole construction lightweight, yet durable. Sunbreaker is a mobile system with a blade rotation range from 0 to 90 degrees; it can be fixed both horizontally and vertically. A group installation options is also available on the 210 and 300.


The Sunbreaker is a perfect way of making a building more architecturally attractive and for reducing energy consumption from air conditioning.

The Sunbreaker is available in two widths and both feature:

Key features of Sunbreaker 300

  • Elliptic blades width of 300 mm
  • Blade rotation range from 0 to 100°
  • Operated by linear motor
  • The blades bearings in the guides as well as the construction of the drive elements ensure noiseless operation of the system when blades are rotating.
  • System is installed onto external supporting facade construction
  • Max. width: 4.5 m – Max. height: 7.0 m

Key features of Sunbreaker 210

  • Two types of 210 mm width blades:
  • Type A blade is designed for horizontal surfaces (roofing, skylights) – when closed position it provides protection from rain
  • Type B blade is designed for shading horizontal and vertical surfaces (building facades, pergola walls). Available as a fixed, non-rotating system. The blades are fixed with special brackets made of extruded aluminium, which allow for the positioning of a blade at an angle of 0-15-30-45-60°
  • Blade rotation range from 0 to 90°
  • Can be fixed both horizontally and vertically
  • Tilt angle of blades operated by linear motor (manual option)
  • Max. width: 4.0 m – Max height: 6.02 m

Sunbreaker Clip

Sunbreaker clip consists of lightweight and durable blades made from extruded aluminium. This system can serve as protection from the sun as well as a decorative part of the building. Available types of blades and fast trouble-free installation allow for a wide range of product application. The system is available with three types of blades.

Key features of Sunbreaker Clip

  • Using aluminium rail guides and spacers allows for fast installation
  • Fixed angle on blades
  • Three types of blades (C115, C160, Z154)
  • One type of bracket is used for all of the blades ensuring great versatility of the system
  • Spacers of different length allow you to adjust the size of the gap between the blades to fit the user’s needs and local weather conditions
  • Max. width: 7.0 m – Max. height: 7.0 m

Sunbreaker Colour Range

Construction can be painted in any colour from RAL palette

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