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Electric Curtain Tracks - Residential or Commercial

Electric curtain tracks are ideal for both residential and commercial needs. They can be adapt to almost any curtain type or weight.

They offer the electrically controlled operation of curtains in any situation, and are particularly useful in areas where there are multiple curtains, high or long runs of curtains, or for home theatre and conference rooms.Manual control is also possible when needed.

Silent motor

At less than 35dB, our insulated motors are engineered to be quiet and discreet.

Smooth opening/closing

Our motors slow in speed upon opening and closing ensuring a smooth and gentle operation.

Variable Electronic Limit

The Variable Electronic Limit provides the added luxury of customised control. Simply program a preferred opening/closing position which can be recalled to the same position anytime.

Built-in RF Receiver

Our motors feature a built-in RF receiver allowing wireless control remotely.

Interference protection

Force to the motor will disengage operation protecting the motor and curtain from unwanted damage.

Touch motion

Simply activate the motor with a gentle pull on the curtain. The curtain will begin to run automatically and stop once fully opened or closed.

Manual operation

The manual operation disengages the motor drive shaft allowing complete manual control.

Home automation compatible

Designed to be adaptable to suit your needs, our motor is compatible with any home automation control system.

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