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Veranda Blinds - Conservatories, skylights, etc.

The Veranda system from SELT is a range of products designed for both internal and external use on horizontal or inclined glass roof surfaces, for conservatories, skylights, commercial applications, etc.

Energy saving – The application of the Veranda system prevents rooms from heating up what, to a large extent, reduces the need of air conditioning.

Optical comfort – The structure of applied HIGH-T-TEX fabrics effectively reduces contrasts appearing as a result of solar rays coming into a room.

High quality and functional – A hard-wearing construction and the highest quality fabrics guarantee durability of the blinds.

Fabric tensioning system – A special built-in fabric tensioning system keeps the fabric constantly tensioned and enables effective operation of Verandas on horizontal and inclined surfaces, even on large surfaces.

Convenient mounting solutions – The application of aluminium mounting brackets makes the installation of the system both simple and quick.

Covers irregular shapes – Unique fabric tensioning system placed inside of the roller tube allows for covering irregular shaped glazing, like triangles and symmetrical trapeziums.

Additional Veranda System Features

  • Construction from extruded aluminium
  • Internal or external installation options
  • Wide range of fabrics
  • Widths up to 4.5 metres (varies by model)
  • Projection up to 6.5 metres (varies by model)
  • Electric drive
  • The system can be installed on a surface at any angle (but only with horizontal positioning of the cassette)
  • Group installation
  • Construction available in any color from RAL palette

There are several model variations available to suit a range of situations, glass area and shape. Contact us to day to find out more.

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